Privacy Policy

The “Disney for Two” website is privately owned and operated in Los Angeles, California, for the sole purpose of sharing our love of Disney. The objective of this website is to provide entertainment and information with the hope of inspiring others to achieve the happiest time possible at the Happiest Places on Earth.

The “Disney for Two” website does not currently require any information, personal or otherwise, from its visitors. The only information we obtain is that which is sent to us directly via the Contact page, and is kept private and for internal use only. We will never share this information or sell it to another party or entity. All information contained within correspondence is considered and treated as just that: correspondence. We reserve the right to respond or not, and use any information contained therein to improve the content and design of the site to better serve our viewers.

This privacy policy does not extend to anything inherent to the operation of the Internet, such as browsers, third-party plugins, advertising, or the individual settings of users’ own personal electronic devices. Anything beyond our control is not within the purview of this document.