Epcot The Seas

Nemo couldn’t look happier to greet guests as they enter The Seas.

Disney is filled with characters, many of them perfectly still and perfectly willing to have their photos taken. And yet, capturing an inanimate figure’s true character isn’t as easy as it looks. Just ask Amy, who has but a few contributions in this gallery. It’s Mark who’s the Disney character whisperer, as he has a way of imbuing these fabricated creations with the life that Disney has given them in story and in film. And he makes it look easy!

So… just what is that secret ingredient that gives a photograph of an inanimate object life and character? After much scrutiny, analysis and observation, Amy has concluded that it’s that very special blend of good technique and seeing with love. In contrast, Amy has solid technique: she knows how to use her equipment to strike interesting angles or perspectives and compose images for maximum visual impact. But when she shoots an inanimate figure, that’s what she’s seeing, and the resulting photograph, while technically sound, is lacking in life. Mark, on the other hand, sees the life in the character, and he photographs his subject as a portrait photographer: with respect and care—and good technique.

The next time you’re at a Disney park or resort, give character photography a shot. You may discover you have that magical something that gives a photograph life beyond its bounds.

Disclaimer: No characters were harmed, manipulated, cajoled or controlled in the making of the photographs contained in this gallery.