Photo Spot

The light in Frontierland just happened to be perfect as we were headed towards Tomorrowland. Instinctively, we stopped and raised our cameras to our eye and began shooting, Mark with the telephoto, Amy with the wide-angle. As we joined up to continue our journey, a big guy heading in our direction yelled over, “Who’s the better photographer?”

Without a second’s hesitation we each pointed at the other: “He is.” “She is.” We said in unison.

“Good answer,” the man grinned in approval, all of us laughing.

No matter how many times we visit the various Disney parks, there’s always something new to see—or a new way to see the same thing. And whether we’re armed with our SLRs or just our iPhones, we can’t help but capture some of Disney’s “pixel dust” to bring home to savor for later (and we do a lot of savoring!).

We hope to inspire others to see Disney with extended eyes and embracing hearts.

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Many a Disney day can be described as "go, go, go." But amidst all that go, go, go-ing, there's room—and opportunity—for standing still and seeing where that takes you.

Mission: SPACE Hidden Gem

Mission: SPACE Hidden Gems

It's well worth stopping to "planet gaze" at the many beautiful mosaics inlaid in the ground as part of the approach trajectory to Mission: SPACE.