Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Original Source: Disney Parks

We had just watched the first video of Pandora (AK) highlighting the many varied and unusual plant and animal species guests will be encountering.

“It helps me get more excited about Star Wars Land,” Amy comments, instantly realizing Mark isn’t going to let that go, and she’s right.

“Why aren’t you excited about Star Wars Land?” Mark demands, “It’s ‘Star Wars’!

“But it’s still Disneyland!” Amy maintains. “If it could at least adjunct with Star Tours…”

“Okay,” Mark counters easily, “take ‘Star Tours’ out of the equation and then how do you feel?”

“That helps,” Amy meets him a little more than halfway. “At least what I like is that it’ll be an imagineered version of ‘Star Wars,’ so we won’t be holding it accountable to every immortalized detail.”

See?” Mark wants her to get on board.

So instead, Amy regresses: “But it’s Disneyland!” she bleats.

He had gotten so close. Now he has to line up his arguments:

Galaxy's Edge Construction

“Star Wars Land” taking shape
Image Source: Orlando Sentinel

1) “I know you think it should be in DCA, cuz of Bug’s Land and Cars Land, but what about ToonTown? That’s Disneyland—and it wasn’t even based on a franchise! It was based on one movie! …And I wouldn’t even call it a Disney movie!” He sinks the putt.

2) “And okay, let’s go back to the Star Tours connection: Why do they have to be connected? Star Tours is in Tomorrowland, but ‘Star Wars,’ you may recall, is from the ancient past. What if ‘Star Wars’ already happened long, long ago in a galaxy that existed long, long ago, and to Han Solo this is the future,” to which he arches an eyebrow for emphasis.

Then he pushes into his final lap:

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

The metamorphosis of DCA’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! is almost complete.
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3) “We all have our purist views about Disney—and a lot of very passionate people get very up in arms whenever a change is made to Disneyland—but at its core, Disney has always been about storytelling and characters, and not all the stories people associate with Disney are Disney. ‘Roger Rabbit’ actually had characters from Warner Bros.! Notice you don’t see Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in ToonTown!” He pauses for impact. “My point is, even when we haven’t loved the movie, we’ve wound up loving what Disney does with it. Like how Cars Land is one of the best things in the whole world even though we weren’t that nuts over the movies. And the Haunted Mansion Nightmare Before Christmas overlay made us love the characters even though we’ll never love the movie! And now there’s Marvel, and we don’t know yet; and there’s Star Wars Land which, how can we not love, when it’s Disney and ‘Star Wars’!

And so Mark rests his case, a bit out of breath and at the same time energized. Then just to bring it home he concludes: “I’m extremely optimistic about Star Wars Land, and I think you should be, too.”

The few counterpoints Amy had offered along the way proved too feeble to note, and in the end, Amy’s hand saw its way into Mark’s and we can now be more in step as we look ahead to change.