Remember Me exhibit at Epcot MexicoIt was our very first visit to Epcot. We happened to be standing in the Mexico pavilion, our minds electrified by all we’d been learning and discovering, and at the same time marveling at how convincingly a Mexican plaza setting on a beautiful summer evening had been recreated in an indoor environment (so Disney!!!). It was then that a mom with two young boys turned to her husband and said, “The kids are finally out of school and we’re spending the day learning stuff? Why did we come here?” We exchanged a look of OMG, but didn’t say a word. Epcot isn’t for everyone, and whatever that family was expecting (perhaps a Dumbo ride), it wasn’t what they got. And we get that.

Fortunately, however, most people go into an Epcot experience having some idea of its focus and content, and many are willing to open their minds to the influx of information, concepts and ideas that abound throughout both sides of the park. So yes, Epcot requires a level of immersion that not everyone is up for when they’re there. Fatigue and overload can be an issue, as can such a simple a thing as being there on the wrong day. And we get that.

It’s for those reasons—and more—that we wanted to express our appreciation, respect and enjoyment of Mexico’s new Coco exhibit, which had opened shortly before our October, 2017 visit.

Even if you didn’t see Coco…

Remember Me exhibit at Epcot MexicoCoco hadn’t yet been released when we were at Epcot, and we knew little about the story. Conversely, we thought we knew a lot about Mexico. We live in Los Angeles, after all, and we could pass a history test on the subject! However, it quickly became clear that for all we knew about Mexico’s history (a lot of which we learned from the previous exhibit), we knew surprisingly little of the culture. As we perused the new exhibit, “Remember Me,” we started to see….

What we started to see, and which Coco brought into stunningly vivid light, is how bright and positive and extensive the Día de Muertos holiday is. Despite it being celebrated annually in so many parts of our city that touch our lives, in reality, our understanding was tantamount to coming in in the middle of the movie and thinking you got the gist.

The “Remember Me” exhibit bridged the gap in our understanding. Coco helped us cross that bridge to the love beyond the understanding.

And this is why we love Disney!