Notes & ‘Dotes

Skipper Canteen Stained GlassAs we were seated at a sweet little table for two against the window at the Skipper Canteen restaurant, our jungle skipper apologized for the sorry state of the windows: “As you can see,” he said with a straight face, “they’re stained.”

We appreciatively played along until Amy noticed a crack in one of the panes. “Looks like someone tried a little too hard to get the stain out,” she commented.

Turns out, that was a crack with a history!
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Disney Home - A charming cottage in Epcot's UK pavilion

A charming cottage in Epcot’s UK pavilion, but likely not on the market.

If you could live anywhere in any Disney park, where would you live and why? It’s a question we’ve often seen posted in Disney Facebook groups and we’re always surprised to see such responses as: “On the bench in front of the castle,” or, “Anywhere on Main Street.” Which always begs the question: Why would you choose a bench when you could live in the actual castle? In the realm of fantasy, which is our preferred realm when thinking about Disney, why not go for something a little more upscale? There’s nothing wrong with a bench in a good location, it just doesn’t sound very comfortable—or weatherproof!

So, we’ve taken the fantasy of living anywhere in any Disney park to the next level and gone in search of our perfect home in each of the parks we visit. Like a couple of house hunters, we scout locations in our preferred neighborhoods (or lands), in search of that perfect place that will satisfy all—or most—of our needs. In the end, we have a place we’ve chosen together, that we lovingly call our own, and that we can share in our heart and mind when we’re not physically at Disney. This is our way of never leaving! Read More…

Craftsman-style design with hidden Mickey motif: We know exactly where we are!

For us, the Grand Californian at the Disneyland Resort is often the cherry on top of the sundae at the end of Disney day. The Craftsman style architecture and decor are stunning, and the lobby is truly awe-inspiring. But for us, it’s the martini at the Hearthstone Lounge that gives us that long deep breath after an energetic day of park hopping and non-stop smiling. Best of all, the menu has been recently updated with a more deft touch and tasty diversity that’s sure to compliment your cocktail of choice and make for good sharing over drinks.

But it’s not just about the drinks!

If you’ve ever been to a luxury lodge or resort in a national park, such as the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite or the Yellowstone Inn in—you guessed it—Yellowstone, being at the Hearthstone Lounge has that same majestic and reverent feel of being someplace devoted to the natural beauty that surrounds it. And yet, two Disney parks are just beyond the trees! Read More…