Change is inevitable—even in the Disneysphere, which has a way of lulling us into believing—because we want to—that time is nonexistent and nothing will ever change (except the prices). In the wonderful world of Disney, we’re all Peter Pan and Tink, forever the age we dream ourselves to be. But that fact is, things do change. They change in subtle ways, with regular sprucing, painting, and seasonal landscape updates; and they change in major ways, with holiday overlays, the development of new lands, and yes, the “retirement” of favorite shows and attractions. To the Disneyphile, it’s probably fair to say that no change is so minor as to go unobserved or uncontested. One person’s favorable cheer over an enhancement will inevitably be another person’s scowl of disapproval. The staunch insistence that something was better before, even if the “before” was drastically showing its age, is an attitude worn by young and old alike.

We’re somewhat of a minority in that respect, and mostly because we’re philosophical: To love is to accept. Plus, we accept our not being able to change Disney’s collective mind or plans no matter how much we stomp and whine and participate in the Disney surveys that come to our Inbox.

Over the years there have been changes we’ve found objectionable and those we’ve applauded for being too long in coming. But it’s because Disney is always changing that we continue to look at the familiar as if it’s always new. And in essence, isn’t this Disney’s magic elixir: the ability to keep our eyes wide and our minds open so that no two experiences are ever truly the same.