Kona CafeThere are two compelling reasons to put Kona Cafe on your breakfast itinerary: French press Kona coffee and Tonga Toast. If you’re a coffee lover, starting the day with a French Press Pot of 100% Kona coffee is a standalone star. All the more so if you’ve already sampled the Disney Resort’s “house” coffee, which makes one begrudgingly more accepting of Starbucks moving in on Main Street. Kona coffee on its own is worth waking up a little earlier for (though you don’t have to), but when brewed in a French press, why yes, it’s worthy of its own paragraph of appreciation. It’s also worthy of a reservation should your plans include a stay at one of the Magic Kingdom hotels. You’ll have to wait even with a reservation, that’s how popular the Kona cafe is, in part because that’s how popular the Polynesian Hotel is. You can get Kona Blend coffee at Kona Island, the hotel’s quick-service bar just outside the cafe, but for pure Kona French Press, make thee a reservation and don’t look back.

Still, there’s another, equally singular sensation the Kona Cafe has to offer that you can’t get anywhere else exactly the same way, and that’s Tonga Toast, Disney’s clever Polynesian riff on a favorite breakfast item that extends from its name to its heavenly conception and execution:

Take the fluffy, battered, triple-decker nirvana of a Monte Cristo, but with banana between the layers. Roll it in cinnamon and sugar, and accompany it not solely with maple syrup but with a strawberry coulis, and behold! It’s a parcel of perfection, and particularly with a salty side of ham, bacon or plump sausage.

Experience it once and your brain will forgo the formality of calling it “Tonga Toast” and refer to it forever after as its native appellation: “Tonga-aaaaa!

[NB: We’ve heard many a happy tale told of the pineapple pancakes, which are considered as much a legend as our beloved Tonga. We have not as yet visited this other camp of wonderfulness, but no doubt it lives up to its loyal fans’ devotion.]

And now that we’re past the formalities…

You may reach a point in your WDW sweet indulgence fest that you can actually hear your body screaming for more protein than a side of sausage, bacon or ham can satisfy. “Wouldn’t it be great to get a side of eggs with your sublime pillow of deliciousness? Guaranteed your mate will NOT be willing to split an order of Tonga with one of the egg dishes. “Wouldn’t it be great to get a side of eggs with your order of Tonga? Finally, we got tired of dreaming about perfection and just asked if we could do that. We should’ve realized we were at Disney, land of accommodation. Of course we could get a side of eggs with our Tonga Toast!