Cosmic Ray'sCosmic Ray’s, it turns out, isn’t just a burger joint with animatronic entertainment, specifically, Sonny Eclipse the Alien Lounge Lizard. In fact, it offers an extensive selection of meal options ranging from health-conscious and hearty to basic burgers and kid menus. Typical to your average space port, the selections are divided among three bays: Bay 1) Chicken, Bay 2) Burgers, and Bay 3) Sandwiches and Salads. Half a rotisserie chicken, a grilled chicken sandwich, veggie sandwich and veggie burger, turkey sandwich, a Greek salad and a pasta salad, and even a cucumber salad as a side dish and even chicken noodle soup (kosher meals are available upon request) are among the appetizing and healthy alternatives. Plentiful are the condiments, such as hot sautéed mushrooms to pickled jalapeños to further elevate your dish for a more personalized experience. And plentiful also is the seating, from stage-view to more intimate to the wrap-around outdoor area. This place is huge, but it should be, given that it’s got to be able to accommodate any number of planetary arrivals from all quadrants of space and ages.